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Bahamas Air Tours has teamed up with the best Bahamas to offer you a fantastic day that will stay with you for many years to come. On PLANE we now offer free air travel to the islands of Nassau, St. John and Grand Bahama. We will introduce you to a history and heritage of the Bahamas, which have a common thread with the USA. Each island in the Bahamas has its own history, culture, traditions, heritage and culture.

If you encounter bad traffic in the capital Nassau, which is located on the island of New Providence, you should be aware that you will encounter the worst traffic on the islands of St. John and Grand Bahama and on the island of Saint John. The other islands, locally referred to as "family islands" or "out islands," are generally safer than Nassai and New Rhode Island, where little to no violent crime occurs.

You can explore the centre of Freeport and Lucaya on foot, but if you want to venture into the East End or West End, you'll need to rent a car, hire a taxi or try Grand Bahamas "unpredictable public transport. For land trips, the cheapest option is a minibus, which is ideal for those staying in Nassau or Freeports.

If you don't have time for an extended trip, the Bahamas are close enough to take a day trip. Palm Beach charter flights offer you the opportunity to spend more time in the Bahamianas, but not on the boat. Not only do you have more options, you also save on Bahamas cruises and air travel, and if you don't have the time or money for more than a few days, you're also closer enough to the island to take day trips.

A ferry takes you from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas, and your only destination is Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. The ferry takes holidaymakers from West Palm Beach, Florida, to Bimini in the Bahamas and back. It takes most of the day, but you will only get to BIMini and it would take about four hours longer than a flight to reach your destination. You can also take the ferry from West Palm Beach to the Bahamas, which takes about four hours. And you would take a two-hour flight from the U.S. Virgin Islands and a one-day flight back to Florida.

The seven-day trip takes in Nassau, the Bahamas capital, and then on to Bimini before returning to Galveston, which takes about four hours longer than a two-hour flight from West Palm Beach. If you visit Freeport, you can add a full day to your trip to reach Nassua by ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama Island.

If you really want to experience an authentic Bahamas Out Island experience, Great Exuma Island is a fantastic place to stay. Experience the stunning beaches, swim with pigs, enjoy exciting boat trips and have fun at the beautiful beaches and lidos of the island. You can also enjoy yourself in the most popular tourist destination of the Bahamas, the island of Grand Bahama.

L leisure sunbathing in warm sand will be a wonderful reward for your acquaintance with the culture of the island. Sightseeing in the Bahamas is both exciting and educational, and if you consider yourself an art connoisseur, then a visit to the National Art Gallery Bahamas is all the more worthwhile on your cruise to Nassau. This museum is located in the harbour of a cruise ship and is as close as possible to a real art and culture museum.

The private island is located about 100 miles southeast of Nassau and can only be reached by cruise ship. Her latest fortune lies near the neighboring paradise island. This museum is a perfect place to recharge your batteries during a cruise. It is full and includes an audio tour of a building called Mountbatten House, built in the early 1850s, located at the foot of one of the tallest buildings on the island, the Royal Bahamas National Museum. The Bahamas Museum of Natural History and History in Nassua Harbor ranges from the historic buildings of St. John's and the Great Bahamian Museum to the National Art Gallery Bahamas.

You can also take a Palm Beach cruise to the Bahamas and your trip will be like most sea trips. If you prefer to book one of the shore excursions of Carnival, you can visit the Royal Bahamas Museum of Natural History and History in the port of Nassua or the Great Bahamian Museum in St. John's and the National Art Gallery Bahamas. The departure from Nassau, the largest city on the island with more than 2,000 inhabitants, gives cruise guests the opportunity to enjoy the islands and sights of the city before setting sail.

Take a carriage ride through downtown Nassau and explore the sights of the city, which is awash with shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, museums and other attractions. You can also explore Nassua from the Royal Bahamas Museum of Natural History and History or from the Great Bahamian Museum in St. John's and the National Art Gallery of Bahamas.

More About Freeport

More About Freeport